Note : Posts on blog are work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. (Especially you My Ex. Bitch.)

 Not to Note:

          (ok, agreed, im a North Indian so, Vivek VK Jain can't b official..... officially I am Vivek Kumar Jain (bahut lamba naam hai!) but love to include papa's name VK JAIN)

Nickname: V!Vs

Occupation & Education: Engineer! (ye sab-kuch kah deta hai)

V!V Can:  Read. Write. Listen to music (but don't dare to sing!). Drive Car. Paint. Give Good Advise. Laugh when u slip. Take Multiple Responsibilities. Care. Laugh. Love.Write from Both Hands. take Good Photographs. Forgive Stupid people. Get Angry. Play Chess. Jump from 7 feet. Play Carrom and Badminton for Hours. Sit lonely.Emotional (faltoo me hi!)

V!V Cannot: Ride a Motorcycle. Like Pets (Dogs).  Serious for an Hour. Angry for Weeks. Play a Cricket Match (fielding time is just killing). Watch stupid Rona-Dhona type Serials. Live Without Talking to Parents. Live Without Friends. Dance.

Smoking : No , Alcohol : No, Drugs : No, Caffeine : Yes, Love : Yes

V!V LikeU, Books (not from syllabus), Movies (any kinda, any language), , Outing, Travelling (ghumataro, babandaro!), Few but Good Friends.  Social Work, Inspiron Lappy, Guitar, Simplicity, Home Place, Comics.

V!V Dislike: Nothing.

Here: to write/read.

for further details contact :
vivjain23@ gmail.com
or call on :


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